March 21, 2024

Matthew “Maguma” Lewis is a 34 year-old cosplayer from Los Angeles, California. Since his very first convention at Anime Expo 2005, Maguma has found an overabundance of challenges, joy, and fulfillment in the world of cosplay! Through the years, he has participated in convention programming from award-winning masquerade performances to hosting a variety of events and panels. Additionally, he has participated in cosplay-centered TV shows; worked with anime productions and video game companies; and volunteered at conventions from coast to coast, as well as being a member of the Executive Committee for Animé Los Angeles.

Outside of cosplay, Maguma is a digital artist/character designer and very invested in the fighting game community. This has led him to begin developing his very own fighting game, Burning Souls, combining his love of art and fighting game classics.

Social Media:
Twitter: @MagumaUsagi
Instagram: maguma.usagi