Gaming Stage

Welcome to the information page for FanimeCon’s Gaming Stage! The Gaming Stage is Exhibit Hall 3’s newest addition. Not only is it one of the primary showcases for our convention’s top talent in competitive events, but it’s where we host recreational events too. Those who are looking for a place to play can meet others while their moments are showcased on a grand stage. Come chill out while you watch eGaming’s tournament finals or show us what you’ve got! Either way, you’re sure to have a blast!

All sign-ups for events hosted on the Gaming Stage will be run by a specific department of origin. For example, PC and console games should report to eGaming, while board and card games should report to Tabletop. These are all conveniently located within Exhibit Hall 3. If you need directions to the sign-ups for those events or want to sign up for one of our events, please ask one of our friendly staff members located at our Gaming Stage/Broadcast Operations Desk.

For our sister departments in Exhibit Hall 3, please see the links below:

Gaming Hall
eGaming (Console/PC Gaming)
Tabletop (Gaming Hall & Tournament Room Events)

We’re not all about fighting game tournaments though!

Every morning, our hosts will start off on stage with “Good Morning, Gamers!”, a segment akin to a morning news broadcast where we give you a forecast of events for the day and send you all off to have a great start of the con, wherever you may go. One of our recurring events throughout the weekend includes “RNG Rally” where, like our nightly Jackbox Games, everyone is invited to play with us on stage and play whatever content we’re all in the mood for!

In honor of our current convention theme of “food,” we have a lot of food-related events that are just too hot to miss! Can you do better than Mama? While blindfolded?! Is that even possible?! Prove yourself in our Cooking Mama — Blindfold Challenge, where Player B (the Bravely Blindfolded) will be given verbal instructions by Player A (the Assistant) to recreate and decorate a random food item in-game!

We even have The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild — Cooking Scramble, where players are dropped into a random tower and compete against one another to hunt and gather ingredients as well as put them together to make the most effective feast! For the rest, you gotta pop on in! You won’t want to chicken out on any of them!

We would be remiss to not mention our Monster Hunter Game Show with this year’s Guest of Honor, Maguma! Having previously headed events on our fair stage before, attendees who’ve come to see what all the hubbub was about have all reported back to say that they’ve had an awesome time. Wouldn’t you like to see what he might be cooking up? We’re sure it’ll be a hit!

Last but certainly not least, we’ll also be collaborating with other departments within FanimeCon, such as demonstrations with Tabletop, a Variety Show featuring Fanimaid Café, and Sweet ‘n’ Spicy featuring FanimeCon Speed Dating. Last one to check out any of those events is a rotten egg!

Gaming Stage Rules

As per Gaming Hall regulations, please follow the FanimeCon 2022 Code of Conduct, and COVID-Specific Rules & Policies at all times on the Gaming Stage. FanimeCon reserves the right to modify the rules below at any time, in the interest of safety:

COVID-Specific Rules

  • Masks: This is a mask-required location, as per the 2022 Code of Conduct.
  • You may remove your mask for brief moments for food bites, drinking sips, and taking medication.
  • Social Distancing: Please maintain appropriate social distancing and respect the boundaries of other people.
  • Please follow staff instructions in the event that line control or crowd control is needed.
  • Hand Sanitizers: Fixed hand sanitizer stations will be available for all to use.
  • We recommend using hand sanitizer and/or washing your hands before and after playing games.
  • Please notify a staffer if a hand sanitizer station is not functional or empty.
  • Enhanced Cleaning: Gaming Hall staff and equipment partners will be cleaning input devices, games, and stage microphones to the best of our staff’s abilities.

Location Rules

  • The Gaming Hall is a harassment-free zone. Please be a good human being!
  • If you feel unsafe or need to report a problem, please flag any FanimeCon staff member and they can assist you.
  • Gaming Hall staff reserve the right to ask attendees to leave the Gaming Hall due to safety concerns and/or potential Code of Conduct violations.
  • This extends to our events and tournaments, in particular “unsportsmanlike” conduct. This can result in being banned from future tournaments.
  • Staff reserve the right to call in security if required.
  • Please do not tamper with or move any equipment, tables, or chairs.
  • Please inform a Gaming Hall staffer if there is a malfunction or non-optimal gameplay on any equipment.
  • Please also DO NOT attempt to fix the problem; we have qualified staff to troubleshoot problems.
  • Events and Tournaments are free of charge. Sign-ups and information are located at the eGaming or Tabletop desks.
  • Please arrive 20-30 minutes early before any tournament for check-in!

Please check the official FanimeCon 2022 schedule or on-site at the Gaming Stage/Broadcast Operations Desk. Alternatively, all announcements and updates in Exhibit Hall 3 can be found at the links below:

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Twitter – @FanimeConGaming
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