Guests of Honor


FanimeCon is excited to bring our attendees many things — and that includes autographs! Meet, greet, and get something signed at FanimeCon’s Autograph sessions with our esteemed Guests of Honor! Guest List and Autograph Schedule to be announced.


Meet the Guests!

So you’ve met our Guests of Honor, got your Bluray signed, and taken a photo (or several) but alas, that was only a few minutes! FanimeCon is proud to announce our Meet the Guests Luncheon (AKA the Yamaga Party), where you, the attendees, get to have lunch with the Guests of Honor, chat with them, ask them questions or just become friends! To get an in, you’ll need an invitation which is only available in limited quantities – but how do you get one, you ask? Just keep an eye out for cool and strange events, participate at Stage Zero, or just look for people giving them out! Staff will be distributing invites on Friday and Saturday between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm! (Dates and times may change)