Convention Safety Initiative: Vaccination Checks

May 15, 2023

‼️Con is just around the corner!‼️

In order to pick up your badge, please make sure you have these three items for each person in your party:

  • Photo I.D. 
    • Please make sure the name on your I.D. matches the name on your proof of vaccination.
    • In the case of legal name changes where the name on the I.D. and the name on the vaccination records no longer match, you will need to bring another form of identification that links you to the proof of vaccination.
  • Face Mask
    • We will require all attendees, guests, and staff to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth in all FanimeCon indoor event spaces.
    • Prolonged periods of mask removal are not permitted for eating or drinking; the mask must be worn between bites, sips, and taking medication. 
    • For cosplayers with large helmets/cosplay masks, a mask must be worn underneath the cosplay. 
    • We strongly recommend choosing a mask based on the CDC mask guidelines (

For more information please refer to our COVID-19 Policy:

Thanks for helping us keep our community safe!