Dance Hall Rules

ALL FanimeCon rules and Code of Conduct apply to attendees of the FanimeCon Dance with the following additions:

  • Attendees are subject to a precursory security check. Please have your ID and badge ready.
  • Small bags for personal items (phone, wallet, keys) are allowed.
  • NO large bags or totes allowed. We want a lot of space on the dance floor for you to boogie!
  • No bags allowed on the floor. We don’t want anyone tripping on them while groovin’.
  • If you leave the Dance Area, please get back in line to re-enter.
  • No outside food or beverages are allowed in the Dance Area.
  • Cosplay is encouraged, but be mindful of large props. Staff may ask you to set them aside when dancing.
  • Physical and/or verbal harassment of any kind will NOT be tolerated. This includes taunting.
  • Chemical-based glow products (i.e. glow sticks, necklaces, or bracelets) are not allowed in the Dance Area.
  • LED-based lighting products are allowed as long as they do not represent a danger to other attendees.
  • NO laser pointers allowed.
  • Unattended items found at the Dance will be held at the Dance Ops desk until the Dance ends each night. After that time, items will be relocated to Lost and Found.


Private Event Notice: The FanimeCon Dance is a private event hosted for the attendees of FanimeCon. An official FanimeCon badge is required for entry Friday through Sunday. A FanimeCon badge cannot be obtained at the entrance to the Dance and may not be available for purchase during Dance event hours. FanimeCon badges must be purchased at Registration during normal Registration hours.

Crowd Photo Release Form: Please be aware that by entering this area, you consent to your voice, name, and/or likeness being used, without compensation, in films and tapes for use in any and all media, including films and tapes, whether now known or hereafter devised, in perpetuity. And that you release FanimeCon, its successors, and licensees from any liability whatsoever of any nature.

Photosensitivity and Risk of Seizure Warning: Performances incorporate strobe and strobe-based effects.

Atmospheric Effect Warning: Performances might incorporate use of a haze machine.

Water Dispenser Locations: Hydration (water) stations are available in room 231.

Age Restrictions: The dance is open to all ages, but a responsible adult should accompany children under the age of 13. After 10:00 pm, the lyrical content may not be suitable for those under 18.

Bag-Check Notification: FanimeCon wants our attendees, guests, and staff to feel comfortable and safe when attending the Dance. To ensure the safety of our Dance attendees and staff, bags of any kind are subject to inspection prior to entry to the Dance area. All unattended items are left at your own risk. There are no spaces inside the dance area considered a safe and secure for people to store their items.