League of Legends Tournament Official Rules

A. Tournament Rules

  1. Tournament Length
    This tournament is Single Elimination (one total match loss).

  2. Set Length
    All tournament sets will be best-of-one. Grand Finals will be best-of-three. Rules below do not change between these two set formats.
  1. Set Procedure
    1. A Tournament Official will create the tournament lobby room.
    2. All players in the match will be invited into the tournament lobby room.
    3. All players will join in position order, one team first, then the other. The order is: Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, Support.
    4. When all players in the match are accounted for, the captain of the first time will ask the opposing captain if their team is ready to begin the match (adhering to the rules regarding tardiness as stated in section 1.8).
    5. Teams will begin the game.
    6. Steps three and four are repeated for the Grand Finals set.
  1. Pausing
    Pauses are not permitted once the game has started. Pausing is only legal for the purpose of summoning a Tournament Official for cases of peripheral malfunction, external interference, medical emergency, or other case-by-case reasons as deemed valid by Tournament Officials. A pause for a demonstrable and play-affecting bug occurring within the first five minutes of the match is highly likely to be deemed valid. All other pauses will incur an immediate match loss to the team who pauses the game.
  1. Stalling
    Stalling, or otherwise intentionally making the game unplayable, is banned and will be identified and penalized at the discretion of Tournament Staff. Stalling includes, but is not limited to, mutual inaction by both teams as well as consistent and intentional sacrificing of one’s champion resulting in no advancement in the field of play. Stalling will result in a forfeit of the game for the player(s) or team(s) that initiated the action.

  2. Surrender Clause
    After ten minutes has elapsed during the match, surrendering through the in-game keyboard command or user-interface option is available. Teams who mistakenly surrender will not have the ability to replay the game which will result in a game loss or, potentially, a match loss.
  1. Warm-ups
    Warm-up periods and peripheral checks must happen prior to a match. Rune pages may be adjusted during champion select and are locked in when the game has started. No player may request to adjust their rune page that would require restarting a match.
  1. Tardiness
    Any players who are not present for their set by ten minutes past the scheduled start time of the round are subject to a total disqualification from the event.

B. Game Rules

  1. Game Settings
  • Platform: PC
  • Tournament Draft
  • Spectators: Lobby Only
  1. Additional Rules
  • Spectators
    Spectator spots are reserved for FanimeCon staff members only.
  • Patch
    FanimeCon 2023 will use whatever patch is currently live at the time of play.
  1. Accounts
    Players will use and play on their own unbanned Riot Account.