April 22, 2018

Linda Le is a cosplayer who was born in a small town in Oklahoma and now resides in California. She was discovered by Kotobukiya and Danny Choo after being featured in OTACOOL 2 and became known by her cosplayer name VampyBitMe. Soon afterward, she was tapped to be the co-host of Nerdist’s Just Cos cosplay show. Her costumes have also been featured on, and she has collaborated with Capcom as their official Morrigan and Juri cosplayer. She has also worked with Bandai, DC, and various video game companies, and she was recently featured on CNN’s “24 Hours in the Life of a Worldwide Cosplayer.” Linda’s latest cosplay collaboration was at PAX East, cosplaying as D.Va from Blizzard’s game Overwatch. She continues to travel the world, excited to talk about armor making, building Gundam models, creating new artwork, working on her own toy line, being creative, and meeting people who share the same love for being an all-around fangirl. If she isn’t working, Linda is designing for her clothing company, playing Monster Hunter, and gaming all around.

We welcome Linda back for her second year as a FanimeCon Guest of Honor.

Instagram: @VampyBitMe
Twitter: @VampyBitme