Submit Content for Art Gallery’s Celebration of FanimeCon’s 25th Anniversary

March 03, 2019

The Art Gallery is returning to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of FanimeCon! Interested in contributing to the collection? There are three opportunities to participate:

  1. Contribute original ART, created by you, which depicts a personal memory of FanimeCon, a favorite FanimeCon theme, and/or a favorite mascot from years past. Include an Artist Statement describing the memory, theme, or mascot depicted and its significance. Make sure to note the year!
  2. Contribute MEMORABILIA to be displayed within a timeline. We’re looking for items from 2004 or earlier, and we’re especially interested in badges, programs, and t-shirts!
  3. Have a PHOTO of yourself at FanimeCon that you are especially proud of? Send the photo, and include a statement of who is in the picture, the year it was taken, and what is happening in the scene.

To contribute any of the items above, send an email to The Art Gallery will reply with directions for submitting based on the item. Indicate in the subject line which of the three item types you would like to submit for consideration – ART, MEMORABILIA, or PHOTO. Submissions will be accepted through March 24, 2019.