Virtual FanimeCon 2021 – Day 2 – First FULL DAY

May 29, 2021

Good morning from the FanimeCon 2021 Chair Team!   We are super excited about our first full day at Virtual FanimeCon 2021! What do you have on your agenda today?
The clock is ticking down on the Midorikawa Autograph Giveaway. Make sure you sign up!
Be sure to check out our eGaming Tournaments!
Take a stroll through our Dealers Hall and Artist Alley!
While you are there, don’t forget to check out the Fanime schwag at OffWorld’s BLOWOUT sale (now closed)!
Remember, the Code of Conduct keeps us safe and happy. We are here for you in the ConOPs Session, by PMing “ConOps | Fanime Staff”, or by texting us – (385) FOR-FANS (367-3267).

Thanks and have a great day!
The FanimeCon 2021 Chair Team