Virtual FanimeCon 2021 – Day 3 – LAST DAY ALREADY!?!?

May 30, 2021

Food morning from the FanimeCon 2021 Chair Team!
(Gotta have your brekkie!)

Are you hitting your Whova stride? We know our calendars are filled to the brim with things we are going to check out today!

If you haven’t joined the autograph giveaway yet, you still have time!! The Hikaru Midorikawa Autographs Giveaway Deadline is May 30th, 11:59pm!

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Remember, the Code of Conduct keeps us safe and happy. We are here for you in the ConOPs Session, by PMing “ConOps | Fanime Staff”, or by texting us – (385) FOR-FANS (367-3267).

Have a great Sunday Fun day!