Main Panel operations and panel rooms will be moving into The Fairmont San Jose* for FanimeCon 2014.
*The Fairmont is located about a block away from the San Jose Convention Center, on the east side of S. Market Street.


Panelist Information

Please check here if you’re interested in hosting a panel for us.
Please check here if you’re interested in running a fan event.

Interested in participating in a panel, but can’t host? Send an email to the panels team ( or visit the panels section of the FanimeCon Panels Forums to check out on-going discussions about panels and panelists looking for assistance!


Panel Listings for FanimeCon 2014

To get the latest info, check out the FanimeCon Panels Twitter.

Full Panel Listing


Fan Event Listings for FanimeCon 2014

To get the latest info, check out the FanimeCon Panels Twitter.

Full Fan Event Listing


FanimeCon 2014 Panel Room Hours

Friday: 3pm — 12 Midnight
Saturday: 9am — 1am
Sunday: 9am — 1am
Monday: 10am — 2pm


FanimeCon 2014 Panel Rooms Locations

Imperial Ballroom – Panels 1
Regency Ballroom – Panels 2
Gold – Panels 3
California – Panels 4

All panel rooms will be equipped with sound systems, projectors, and screens.


FanimeCon 2014 Fan Events Room

The Valley Room in the Fairmont Hotel will be dedicated to Fan Events this year!
Valley is located between Panels 3 and Panels 4 on the second floor of the Fairmont Hotel.

The Fan Events room will not be equipped with any tech, but may have access to a mobile media set up at scheduled times.


Age Ratings on Panels & Fan Events:

The majority of FanimeCon panels are deemed appropriate for all ages. When a panel has more mature content, you will see one of the following designations:

  • 16+ — These panels are not ID-checked, but may contain more swearing and/or slightly more mature content than most panels.
  • 18+ — These panels contain mature content and will require a valid photo ID with date of birth in order to enter the panel room.


Extremely Hard Anime Quiz

Think you know anime? Want to be rewarded for your brains?
Take the Extremely Hard Anime Quiz to find out if you really know your stuff.

Check out the Extremely Hard Anime Quiz’s page for details.


Waiting List FAQ

  • Panels which go onto the waiting list will not appear in the program guide. They may or may not appear in the printed schedule, but will almost certainly appear on the website, and in the online schedule.
  • Programming changes are also sent out at-con via both the Panels department twitter and the main FanimeCon twitter feed. Additionally, the schedules posted at the panel rooms will always have the latest schedule updates.
  • If your panel is invited to the waiting list, it was not rejected! Panels which are rejected are sent notices telling them why. Being invited to the waiting list means there’s nothing wrong with your panel – we just weren’t able to fit it into our schedule. We may have had a lot of submissions that were similar to yours, or perhaps we weren’t able to find a time slot that could accommodate your panel once higher priority panels had been scheduled.
  • Anyone invited to fill a time slot off of the waiting list will be sent an e-mail and given 24-48 hours to respond, unless it is the last week prior to con or at-con. We will also call on the phone if we are able to, but can’t guarantee the phone call.
  • In the last week prior to con, or during con, invitations to fill a cancellation spot will come exclusively by phone – so if you haven’t given us a phone number, we won’t be able to contact you.
  • Panels added from the waiting list DO add to the number of panels given by a panelist for the purposes of Fan Panelist badge discounts.