Awesomely Bad J-Music Videos

Panels 2 :: Friday -- 20:00

2 hours

Photography OK, but no video recording.

16+ (not recommended for those under 16)

Japan has a reputation for being weird. Come and see just how true that can be with the most bizarre, hilarious, and downright insane music videos from the Land of the Rising Sun--or anywhere!!

Intro to Nerdcore Hip-Hop

Panels 4 :: Monday -- 11:00

1 hour

No restrictions on video recording or photography.

16+ (not recommended for those under 16)

There is more to geeky rap than MC Chris. Find out who that bald dude is that headlines every PAX. Crave phat beats but hate top 40 content? Explore this info and more in a basics presentation, Q&A, and listening party that will cover a variety Nerdcore artists. This time with videos that work!