Video Programming

For over 22 years, FanimeCon has set the standard on video programming. With our huge variety of programs and events, there is always something for you to watch or enjoy in our video rooms. Our AMV Contest, Robot Armageddon, Anime Abridged screenings, and the Famous Marathon room are just some of the things you can do during your days at the con. At night, we have special programs such as Midnight Madness, Hentai Nights, and Anime Anarchy. The video rooms are a perfect way to unwind or take a break from the hot weather. Come join us and see why FanimeCon’s video rooms are considered the best.


FanimeCon has nothing but love for AMVs and the people who make them. Those of us at Video Programming like to give AMVs the spotlight they deserve by showcasing their works in different events throughout the con. So come and show your love for AMVs and their creators!

Anime Music Top 100 Videos

Friday – Monday Video Room Main Video Room Main LL21 C/D
It has been 10 years since we started this event, not only for the fans, but also for the AMV creators so the best can shine. Come and see what 10 years looks like in our 4-day event counting down the best AMVs of all time.

This is a great way to experience the past and present in the Anime Music Video world. (The top 100 list is graciously taken from

Anime Music Best of 2016

Sunday 6 p.m. – Video Room Main LL21 C/D
Come watch the top AMVs of 2016, chosen by the fans and creators on We will be watching the best AMVs in categories such as Best Comedy, Funniest AMV, Best Lip Sync, and Best of the Year. There’s a little bit of everything across all skill levels, tastes, and cultural boundaries, so everyone can find something that they can enjoy here!

Video Room Events

Classic Anime Hell

Friday 10 p.m. – Video Room Main LL21 C/D
Come and see a classic screening from the depths of Anime Hell from a time long past. Will you see Forklift Driver Klaus – The First Day on the job? Will Hard Gay make an appearance or will he be rejected by Don Hertzfeldt? Well, you’ll just have to come on in to the mouth of madness to see.

Anime Hell

Saturday 10 p.m. – Video Room Main LL21 C/D
Anime Hell is a free-form video presentation featuring short film clips, commercials, failed pilots, amateur films, found video, instructional and educational films, music videos, and film trailers from Japan and elsewhere. Unfunny cable TV clip shows cannot compare to the live group fun of Anime Hell!

Trigger Finger Fan Parodies

Film Room LL21 E/F
Get ready to peel back your eyelids and inject your corneas with the fan-made parodies of Trigger Finger Studios! Crazy videos will be watched! Questions will be answered! Un-crazy will NOT be allowed back in your brain!

FanimeCon Short Film Showcase

Video Room Main LL21 C/D
Making another appearance after 12 years of amazing programming, FanimeCon’s hit Short Film Showcase is ramping up for another exciting exhibition! Come and enjoy FanimeCon’s version of Spike and Mike festivals, showing some of the finest in animation, music videos, and commercials.

Robot Armageddon VII

Sunday 4 p.m. – Video Room Main LL21 C/D
Inspired by the “Giant Robot Rumble” panel hosted by Steve Yun from Harmony Gold USA. Remember those elementary school arguments about whether Voltron or Optimus Prime would win in a fight? Prepare for the ultimate in fan-interactive events! Hosted by our very own Jerry Gonzales, the Head of FanimeCon’s Video Programming, this will be a tournament where panelists and attendees argue and vote over which robots would win in a fight. Prepare yourselves, for many will enter but only one will emerge the victor! Come participate in this amazing display of fan knowledge. Best of luck and hope to see you there!

The Best of the Angry Video Game Nerd

Video Room Main LL21 C/D
Enjoy viewing YouTube video gameplay and game reviews? Well, we have something special for you! How does videos from The Angry Video Game Nerd sound? We’re excited to present The Angry Video Game Nerd as he explains the games that have haunted him from his childhood in characteristic reviews filled to the brim with surrealistic comedy. Watch him review and play through many games that are some of the most frustrating, buggy, and hated games in history. Be sure to stop by and partake in this celebration of humor and all things retro-gaming!

Remembering the Past with the Nostalgia Critic

Video Room Main LL21 C/D
Along with the 5 Second Movies, The Nostalgia Critic is the most popular video series created by Walker, in which he plays the titular Nostalgia Critic, a grumpy and easily aggravated character who mostly reviews entertainment from the 1980s and 1990s. His catch-phrase, “I’m the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it, so you don’t have to,” usually opens and ends each video. Not all reviews are negative, such as the reviews of Double Dare and Gargoyles. He also does “Top 11 Countdowns” and “Old vs. New” comparisons between two movies that share source material.

The Best of Zero Punctuation

Video Room Main LL21 C/D
Zero Punctuation is The Escapist’s groundbreaking video review series starring Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw. Every Wednesday, Zero Punctuation picks apart the games so you don’t have to. Called “hilariously cutting… first legitimate breakout hit from the gaming community in recent memory” (by Boing Boing), join us for this presentation and see why gamers love Zero Punctuation and developers fear it.

Video Game Movies

Friday – Monday – Video Room Main LL21 C/D
Many video games these days have enough in-game cinematics to be considered movies (Cowboy Bebop: The Song Remains the Same, The Last of Us, Dead Fantasy, Portal 2, etc.). We take some of the best video game cutscenes/cinematics and show them as if they were a movie (with gameplay intelligently mixed in). Come join us for these memorable moments in gaming!

It Came From the NET……

Friday 12 a.m. Video Room Main LL21 C/D
Come with us as we showcase some of the best, craziest, well-made fan movies – movies so well made it blows your mind and makes you wonder why Hollywood hasn’t made something like this yet. Will we see unauthorized something-Rangers? Maybe The Apprentice, or will Kung Fury tell us he’s a cop? Come in and witness what came from beyond the net.

Themed Rooms

Nostalgia Room

Room LL20B
FanimeCon invites you to take a step back in time and see the roots of modern anime. The Nostalgia room, has a wide range of anime spanning from the 60′s all the way to the 90′s. It showcases 60′s classics (Astro Boy, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Devilman, etc.) to modern 80′s and 90′s classics (Kimagure Orange Road, Project A-ko, Ranma ½, Sailor Moon, among others). Whether you started watching anime back in the day (and want to experience that nostalgic feeling) or you are a more recent fan, come and see what turned many people into anime fans!

Omake/Film Room

Film Room LL21 E/F
Come browse our library of entertaining offerings, including but not limited to: short movies, animation, anime music video parodies, full length anime movies, and all the cool stuff from Japan – including all of the fanmade treasures that you normally will not see! We are certain this room will catch your curiosity and never let it go.

Abridged Series Screenings

Omake/Film Room Friday – Monday LL21 E/F
Following the satire and comedy tradition of Mystery Science Theater 3000, these anime abridged shows hold nothing sacred as they poke at plot holes and have a good laugh. First proposed by our attendees, FanimeCon introduced this room a few years ago and we have never looked back! We welcome you to join us in watching these fanmade parodies, which are often the most ridiculous things you could ever imagine out of your favorite shows! So pull up a chair and prepare to bust a gut!

Marathon Room

Room LL20D
Has an anime ever piqued your curiosity, but you didn’t have time to watch it? Already seen an anime, but are interested in experiencing it all over again? The Marathon Room is the place for you! Grab your favorite snack, pull a chair up, and prepare for hours of only the most asked-for anime choices.

Cutting Edge Room

Room LL20A
Can’t wait for the official release to come out? Come join us in the Cutting Edge Room to see the most recent anime today! Watch subtitled anime with shows as recent as right before FanimeCon!

Industry Room

Room LL21 A/B
Various offerings presented by the anime publishers who make it their mission to bring our favorite shows to us through online streaming, DVDs and Blu-ray. We offer a variety of options ranging from English, Spanish, French, to even Japanese dub with English subtitles. Sit down, crack open a soda, and join us for some of the best anime out in America today!

Asian Films

Room LL20C
Did the intense action of Bruce Lee capture your heart as a child? Did the comical martial arts of Jackie Chan give you a warm laugh? The staff of FanimeCon love a good movie just as much as the next guy. And as you might have guessed, the unique style of Asian cinema has struck a deep resonance within us. That is why we’re proud to present this fan-favorite – a collection of some of the best pieces that have graced theater screens across Asia! From the most mystifying of intrigues and dramas, to the high-flying action of the latest Kung fu movies, we have a sampling sure to impress. So come and watch for awhile, Grasshopper!

Late Night

The excitement of FanimeCon keeping you up at night? Do you want something better to watch than those late night infomercials? Worry not! We have you covered with an array of video programming that will feature a variety of films, including campy cult classics and eclectic oddities.

Anime Anarchy

Friday – Monday 12 a.m. Cutting Edge Room LL20A
Too extreme for the light of day! Late at night, after all the little chibi have gone to bed, sleepless hoards of worldly adults seek the most outrageous comedy, ghastly horror, and savage action. We have prepared a collection of programming sure to please even the most demanding of connoisseurs. Those seeking this edgy entertainment can find our calloused coliseum of cartoon chaos, an unflinching bombardment of violence, profanity, nudity, and other mature content to challenge even the most hardened old-school otaku.

Midnight Madness

Saturday 12 a.m. Film Room LL21 E/F
Some otaku hear voices…
Voices that say something completely different…
Sometimes, they do what the voices say…

Welcome to the twisted bizarro-world of fanmade parodies: an altered state in which pimps orchestrate Armageddon by pop music, dwarves sell life insurance to witches, and ninja do “the Macarena”. Can you stand the shocking goof that is Midnight Madness? Or will you keel over in cachinnation? It’s a marathon of merciless mockery, and only the most tenacious masochists will persevere until dawn.

Hentai Nights *Age: 18+, ID required*

Friday 12 a.m. Industry Room LL21 A/B
Saturday – Sunday 12 a.m. Main Video room LL21 C/D

Hot, sweaty bodies, heavy breathing, and pounding heartbeats — and that’s just the audience! Oh my! Three scintillating nights of sexy shojo in sizzling sapphic, sadomasochistic, surreal, and simply silly smut from the midnight moon to the rising sun. Imported from the land of the most exotic and imaginative erotica in the world.

Hentai Music Video Awards *Age: 18+, ID required*

Sunday 12 a.m. Main Video room LL21 C/D
Do you like hentai? Do you like music videos? If so, it’s that time again! Come to the Hentai Music Videos Competition and Exhibition! Watch as videos battle for prizes as you, the audience, decide who wins! After the entries for this year are shown and winners are decided, stick around for more Hentai Music Videos! Laughs will be had, hentai will be shown, and you’ll never listen to the Inspector Gadget theme the same way again!

Bad Hentai *Age: 18+, ID required*

Sunday Following the HMV Main Video room LL21 C/D
You’ve seen the panel earlier in the con, and now it is time to see what the speaker was talking about. Come bring your voices and laugh like you were at a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show or The Room. Partake in stuff so bad it’s good.

YaoiCon presents Yaoi Madlibs! *Age: 18+, ID required*

Friday 10 p.m. Industry Room LL21 A/B
Come one, come all to an evening of yaoi hilarity and bishounen acting out our collective madlibs! It’s the kind of fun that only YaoiCon can bring you!

YaoiCon Presents YaoiCon Panel & Yaoi Bingo *Age: 18+, ID required*

Saturday 9 p.m. Industry Room LL21 A/B
Please bring your own writing material for the event. Bingo Cards are 50 cents each or 5 for $2.
YaoiCon brings one of its signature events to FanimeCon again with Yaoi Bingo, serviced by our boys. Join us on Saturday night for rounds of not-so-traditional bingo and win fabulous prizes and interesting entertainment provided by the bishies to celebrate your win!

YaoiCon Presents Hot Yaoi Nights *Age: 18+, ID required*

Saturday and Sunday 12 a.m. Industry Room LL21 A/B
It’s raining bishonen! Two naughty nights of adult anime and live events dedicated to men who love men and the women who love to watch them love each other. Usually written by and for straight women (and often appreciated by gay men), YAOI is known for emotionally-complex storytelling akin to romance novels, with a delicious whipped-cream dollop of male bonding on top. You know you’re curious…

YAOI [n. ya-oh-ee] acronym for: “Yama nashi, Ochi nashi, Imi nashi” and “Yamete! Atashi no Oshiri Itai!” Self-deprecating genre label for homoerotic manga and anime. Some prefer the more humorously descriptive alternative: “Yamete! Atashi no Oshiri Itaii!” it will be held in the industry room at midnight.