Attendee Services

Info Desks

When something changes at FanimeCon who do you ask? Why your friendly neighborhood Info Desk, of course! The Info Desks are here to help you with the burning questions that you have about FanimeCon. Having trouble getting from Point B to Point A? Has something changed on the schedule and now you do not know when it is happening? Have a question but do not know who to ask? Then just look for one of our desks throughout the San Jose Convention Center. If you can’t find a desk look for one of our walking Info Desk staff. They will be happy to help you with all your questions! Info Desk: We have the answers to your questions.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found is just that — where to go to look for or turn in a lost precious. If you’ve found someone’s lost precious, please bring it to us and we’ll hold it for them. If you’ve lost your precious, come by and describe it to us — hopefully someone else has already given it to us.

To contact Lost & Found, please email

Fan Storage

Fan Storage allows all of our attendees to store items, for a small fee, whether they will be staying in the hotels or not.

What is the Fan Storage department?
Hotel checks tend to fill up quickly and are unable to typically handle the load of bags, especially on Monday (which is when nearly all of our attendees check out). This puts each hotel in a tough spot as they can (and have) run out of room very quickly so we are offering to help them and you out!

Where can I find the fan storage room?
The Fan Storage room is located in the Hilton Market Room, on the first floor of the Hilton Hotel right next to the Affinity Restaurant & Bar. There will be signs in front of the room as well to help guide the way (it is also listed on the map and you can also ask one of our many Info Desks).

What are the hours for the item check room?
The room opens Friday at 8:30 a.m. and will stay open until Monday 3:30 p.m.

Is there a cost to hold items?
Yes. Please see the pricing table below.

$2 – A coat or similar item that is on a hanger
$3 – A small to medium bag (purse to backpack)
$5 – Anything larger than a medium bag (large bag, item, luggage, oversized props, etc.)

This year we are also offering the option of Flat rate boxes. Flat rate boxes are an option that lets fans “rent” out a box that they only have to pay $5.00 once for, and are allowed to put as many things into it, as long as it fits into the box without sticking over the top. All items may have one free in & out privilege.

Disclaimer and Fine Print
FanimeCon’s Check Department will be on first come first served basis and if we get filled to capacity we will be unable to take in more items until some of the older ones are picked up. There are no in & out privileges. If you request to get an item out of a bag there will be a charge to put it back in storage. There is no time limit, but the charge is per day of storage. We will offer a one hour grace period in the morning to pick up items that were accidentally forgotten or unable to be retrieved the night before without incurring additional charges.


The Rovers are responsible for customer service and safety at FanimeCon. They are found throughout the convention helping FanimeCon attendees, and ensuring that the convention is as fun and safe as possible. Rovers have a lot of responsibilities, but can often be found doing the following:

  • General Safety: Preventing unsafe behavior and activities (such as running, blocking doorways, etc…), and dealing with unsafe situations (spills, facility issues, etc…) as efficiently as possible.
  • Peace-Bonding: Props compliant with FanimeCon’s Weapons Policy must be tagged at the main Peace-Bonding Station located in Santa Clara I on the second floor of the Hilton.
  • Line and Crowd Control: Ensuring that crowds stay orderly, as well as keeping walkways,exits, safety equipment, and other areas clear.
  • Access Control: Checking IDs for age-controlled events, and verifying credentials for restricted areas.
  • Escort Duties: Providing safety escorts for staff and attendees as needed or requested.
  • Policy Compliance: Enforcing the Weapons Policy and Code of Conduct.
  • Rovers are also equipped to assist with emergencies, harassment, or missing persons. Rovers are the fastest and most efficient way to verify situations, inform the proper authorities, or service personnel.

If you have an issue which you believe requires Rovers assistance, find the nearest Rover or send a text message to 1 (415) FANIME1 (1-415- 326-4631), and we will do our best to help you.